Polytunnel 9000SS


Our 9000 SS is the largest horticultural building within our range. It is designed for commercial growers to maximise growing capacity. Manufactured with our industry-leading 60.6mm structural steel tube and high pressure tanalised timber gable ends, this is a robust horticultural structure designed and built to last.

Features include:

  • Large volume allowing excellent ventilation characteristics
  • High straight sided walls allowing cultivation right up to the edge

General specification:

  • Hoops : 60.3mm o/d x1.5mm
  • Purlin: 50.8mm o/d x1.5mm
  • Gable Braces: 50.8mm o/d x1.5mm
  • Anchors: 60.3mmo/d x 2.0mm wall
  • End Frames: 100mm x 50mm graded and treated. 

We can advise on you on the correct set up depending on your site and requirements.