Mobile Brooder: 250 to 2500 chicks


The MPB4250 brooder is the ideal building for brooding in a controlled, disease resistant environment. It is fully insulated with double-layer fibreglass insulation for roof cladding keeping heating costs to a minimum. Ventilation is adjustable with lower and higher vents creating a steady draw through the building as required. It is based on the MPM4250 but with extra insulation and more controllable ventilation. Contact us on 01962772368 or email us to find out more.


These details create the right environment in which to successfully rear chicks from day olds. The 2.05m sectional construction means the length can be built as required dependent on the number of birds to be housed and provides great strength throughout the building. For this size of building, the roof cladding is typically cost effective polythene and guaranteed for five seasons.


The robust, lightweight construction along with hot dipped galvanized box section skids make it very easy to be towed by a quad bike or tractor to fresh ground as required. The MPB4250 is quick and easy to install and comes with full, comprehensive 3D instructions.



  • Suitable for 200-2500 chicks
  • Sectional design allows for any length of building
  • Easily moved to fresh ground
  • Easily accessible
  • Double-insulated to reduce heating costs and prevent radiated heat build-up
  • Easy to keep clean and disinfect
  • Contains no timber whatsoever
  • Light baffled strip ventilation
  • Quick and easy to install


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Pheasant brooding in the mobile brooder unit
Pheasant brooding in the mobile brooder unit
Pheasant brooding in the mobile brooder unit