Mobile Rearing House


Our mobile broiler range is designed to maintain optimum levels of animal health and house hygiene, feed and water supply, internal house climate and ease flock management. Contact us on 01962772368 or email us to find out more. 


We have unmatched experience and expertise in this type of building and use this to create buildings which will stand the test of time.


We are constantly developing our units and use the best components available.


Key features:


  • Disease prevention – the white heavy duty polythene and plastic board interior leaves no awkward corners and provides smooth surfaces that repel dust make it easy to clean, keep clean and disinfect
  • Longevity – constructed mainly from galvanized steel, aluminium and honeycomb insulating plastic board; our units contain no timber whatsoever.
  • Mobility – the robust, lightweight construction and box section galvanized skids allow the units to be easily towed to fresh ground
  • Ventilation – the smooth interior gives a well ventilated environment which improves air quality
  • Insulation – Fibreglass roofing insulation prevents radiated heat build-up in the summer and heat-loss in the winter


If you would like to recieve a free, no obligation quote or speak to us about anything else, Please contact us on 01962772368 or email us