Multispan Sheep Polytunnel


The Cheviot Multispan has been designed to create the perfect environment for ewes. It is well ventilated, light and airy. This sheep polytunnel's white polythene cover provides a cool environment in the summer and stays dry throughout the winter months - the perfect environment for lambing and inwintering.

The building can be designed with a central passageway designed around the size of a tractor so that you can effectively feed two single span bays either side. This is the most suitable solution for large farms.

The highest strength stock proof netting is included on the sides, maintaining a steady wind speed of 7mph in virtually any external wind speed, the breaking strain is approximately 3.5 tonnes.

Utilising our experience of sheep housing we will advise on the perfect setup and requirements for your building. Our buildings have been designed to survive high wind speeds and with the addition of optional cross bracing and a narrower hoop spacing can be designed to withstand exposed sites.

Multispan sheep house 24.00m wide by 135.00m long
Multispan sheep house 24.00m wide by 135.00m long